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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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lining the streets as the pope was first motorcade circled the 52-acre park. this is a live look from washington where the pope is praying with the bishops. rob nelson is live in washington. good afternoon, rob. >> reporter: good afternoon, michelle. a live picture from st. matthews cathedral. the pope is addressing at a my day prayer service. message. there have been 266 popes. francis is the third one ever to visit the white house. it was a huge welcome complete with a ceremony any, now a par -- ceremony and now a parade and a good dose of politics as well. a sea of the faithful, about 11,000 strong packed the south lawn of the white house this morning to get a glimpse of history, the nation officially well coming pope francis. >> on behalf of the american
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welcome you to the united states of america. >> i look forward to this day in which i hope to listen to and share many of the hopes and dreams of the american people. >> reporter: both the president and the pope directly tackled political issues. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i am happy to be a guest in this country which was built by such families. climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> reporter: pope francis and the president met privately after the ceremony. throughout d.c., the public
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thousands to the streets for a parade and america's first glimpse of the popemobile. the pope's agenda for his first full day ever in america is packed. a prayer service at st. matthews cathedral and celebrating mass at the basilica of the national shrine expected to draw a crowd of 25,000. many are anxious to hear the pope's message of social justice and tolerance. >> i look forward to this day in -- these days in your country. god bless america. >> reporter: of course, the pope so warmly greeted today. a live picture from st. matthew's cathedral. a midday prayer service is underway with several hundred bishops in the area that gathered to hear the pope. a jam packed day for him continues. the pope really did touch on a lot of themes that can be applied to present day issues, not just 9 new relationship with cuba but the ongoing
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migrant crisis across europe and expect a strong political under current as well behind me at the capitol when francis becomes the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress at 10:00 a.m. reporting live in washington, d.c., rob r rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, rob. let's take you down to the hour. 29 hours away from the pope's arrival in new york. last minute security preparations are underway. this morning police commissioner bratton checked out the situation at st. patrick's cathedral in midtown. the pope will say evening vest spears. in manhattan, barricades and barriers are in place and no parking signs are up. more than 80 streets will be closed at one time in new york city on friday. >> on that note, we want to give you a closer look at the street closures in new york city. these are the areas the pope will visit. on this map you can see. you can expect blocked off streets around each of them, such as where he is saying on 72nd street and around st.
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patrick's where he will be thursday night for evening prayers. around the united nations, on the east side where he addressed the general assembly friday and madison square garden where the pope celebrates mass friday evening. you can find more information on the street closures at we want to take you to another live look inside the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle in washington, d.c. the pope is saying midday prayers with local bishops. there are more than 300 bishops in at attendance. this is not considered a celebrated mass but the pope will deliver a homily which will happen in spanish. cardinal donald burrell will also deliver remarks inside the church. a couple more notes, pope john paul ii celebrated mass their in 1979 and president john f. kennedy's funeral was held inside that cathedral.
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the continuing coverage of the pope in america. we will take you inside the cathedral as the pope prayers with bishops in d.c. days after pope francis visits new york city, president obama will be in town to address the united nations. the president arrives sunday afternoon and attends several meetings with diplomats. on monday the president will address the u.n. general assembly. there will be traffic restrictions due to extra security for the meeting of world leaders. david? we will turn to the other stories we are following. new york has lost a legend. yogi berra died at the age of 90. he is remembered for his hall of fame career with the yankees and his unique views on life and world famous yogiisms like it ain't over until it's over and when you come to a fork in the road you have to take it. the yankees tweeted. senator charles schumer posted
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all the way. plain spoken, funny, hard- working and a real team player. eyewitness news sports anchor rob powers takes a look back at his life and legacy. reporter: he was one of the most be loved figures in all of sports and perhaps the greatest catcher of all time, lawrence peter berra, yogi to most was a true yankee icon raised on the same block as jack buck. he was nicknamed yogi by bobby hoffman after a striking resemblance to a behind di holy man they had -- hindi holy man they had just seen the list of accomplishments read like this, ten world series titles, the three mvp awards, 18 all star appearances and behind the plate for don larson's perfect
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inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1972. in addition to his achievements on the field, he ser received as a proud member in the u.s. navy. he was known for his one line cliche or yogisms. his classic line it ain't over until it's over propelled the team to the national east title and world series. yogisms were featured for the better part of 50 years enabling him to be a household name to many generations. in 1984 he was named skippers of the yankees. in 1985 he was dismissed after 16 games despite a promise by george steinbrenner that he would be allowed to finish the season. as a result, this rift with steinbrenner lasted for nearly 16 years. during that time, yogi did not set foot on the hallowed
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grounds he once called home. in 1999 george reached out to yogi to end their differences. on july 18, 1999 with don larson in attendance, the boss honored yogi with yogi berra day at the stadium. david cohen threw a perfect game that day against the expos the bronx. his museum will continue to northern him and the mental rice of number 8 will live on for this pin striped legend. yogi berra indeed a true yankee. >> that was rob powers reporting. what a legacy he leaves behind. the yankees will wear number 8 on their leaves at the game and the mets tweeted r.i.p. yogi berra. former met mike piazza is very sad to hear of the passing of
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my deepest prayers to the family. great player. dave winfield said say it airport so. he was a good man. my former manager and friend rest in peace yogi. right now on our web site, abc7ny, we have a slide show of yogi berra through the years. read more about his life and legacy. at 12:30, anthony johnson will be live at yogi berra museum. >> what a guy. my favorite was i never answer anonymous letters. >> so many of them. that's a good one. >> i posted it -- anyway, new at noon, smoke has been filling the sky over kennedy airport. what sparked the fiery scene. >> backlash against the ceo for dramatically hiking the price of an age drug. is he having a change of heart now? >> i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. check out the temperatures on
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the first day of autumn in gotham. 72 degrees. really comfortable. now 73. 72 newark. 74 jamaica queens. a northeast wind. low humidities, great day in
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a live look in washington where the pope is praying with bishops at st. matthew's cathedral. our live coverage. pope's visit will continue after this. the pope is saying midday prayers with local bishops. there are more than 300 in attendance. this is not considered a mass per say. the pope will deliver a homily in spanish and he speaks english, ukrainian, italian and he speaks the holy see language
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of latin. he is conversant in that, portuguese and spanish. washington, d.c. cardinal will deliver remarks inside a cathedral. pope john paul ii celebrated mass there in 179 and this is the same cathedral in which president john f. kennedy's funeral was held inside. we will bring you more on that throughout the hour. new at noon, crews are on the scene of a fire at a warehouse at kennedy airport. video posted on twitter shows the smoke and flames at the complex about 10:30 this morning. port authority officials say it spread to a cargo building. crews put out the flames and are investigating what sparked this fire. no flights were disrupted by what happened at kennedy. >> evacuation wagon's chief executive resigned after vw admitted that it built and sold cars that were rigged to cheat emissions testing. several u.s. law firms are
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the company is reportedly hiring the lawyers that held bp after the gulf oil spill. we are hearing from one of the americans held hostage in yemen who is back in the united states. >> i used to pace about ten hours a day waiting for this day, 177 days to come to this day. feels great. >> we weren't allowed out or anything. we didn't see sun for a long, long, long, long time. >> he was reunited with his family at detroit's airport. the 54-year-old security consultant was held by rebels in yemen for six months. along with another american they were freed sunday. one other american is being held hostage in yemen. new information about a shocking tackle. >> live outside on this first
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. welcome back to "eyewitness news at noon." you are looking live at st. matthew's cathedral in washington, d.c. pope francis is meeting with bishops. earlier the president welcomed the pope to the white house.
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>> a lot of excitement surrounding this visit. sad saying good-bye to yogi berra. you got to know him better than most of us. >> i played in his golf outing for 20 years. he told me the real story of the fork in the road saying, when you come to a fork in the road take it. he was telling friends though get to his house in new jersey. when you come to the fork in the road, take it. it was because both of the roads at the fork of the road lead to his house. >> so it wasn't like some crazy -- it made sense. >> you come to a fork in the road take it. it will come to my house. >> that's true. >> that's awesome. three with go. what happens if you go to the harbor of the new york and come to a fork in the river? you come up to the east side and the brooklyn bridge and lower manhattan. it will be nice and fall-like and truly a nice start to autumn.
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will probably east coast out warmer than-eek out normal. pressure is way above 30.00, the mark of fair weather. 71. this afternoon we will get to high now. peak heating around 3:00, 4:00 so we will get to about 80. it will feel like summer for autumn's arrival. we cool down this weekend. i talked to jeff smith in the weather office, he will be around later today. maybe rain sunday night but now we may miss it altogether. we are about 7 1/2 inches short of normal rainfall. u.v. index is a 5. it would take 3, 4 hours to get a sunburn. the pollen count the rest of this month and into october. 69 poughkeepsie and bridgeport. 71 islip. 72 down the shore. hear we have a northerly to a northeast wind here. that makes it feel nice.
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day and warmer than normal. that is kind of extra credit. clear skies are all the way back to chicago and lake michigan. this high-pressure ridge will slide eastward with a temperature of 80 and about 82 tomorrow before the front slides south and once that kind of more normal temperatures, that will really be into the afternoon on friday afternoon and into saturday. sunny and warmer, 80. clear skies tonight. 62 around the five boroughs and 50s north and west. 82 tomorrow. we will have 70s at the coast. it will be so warm we will be looking at 76 as we go into friday and saturday 74. sunday, we take the rain out of it. it will be a cloudy day, clouds off of it but 72 on sunday then look at next week, we warm up back to near 80 tuesday. dry, we need rain but we will be looking probably next week 8 inches short of normal
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>> oh, are the will. good to know. head's up. >> great behind the scenes. thank you. fish were flying on a subway car. shirtless men were throwing punches as shaken riders tried to protect their children in
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a wild brawl on the subway, a hillside rescue and kayak's fight for survival against a shark. let's begin with a massive brawl that broke out on public transit in georgia. a passenger recorded the fight that erupted on a commuter train in atlanta. this is on labor day. unclear what sparked the violence. the video shows people scrambling to get out of the way while others throw punches. police arrested one person involved in this. no serious injuries were reported. california dog owner had her worst nightmare come true when the pet ran away and fell off a cliff down the hillside. the dog named angel fell approximately 200 feet. animal control and the l.a. sheriffs responded to the rescue. the rescuers struggled with calming down angel but then used a special harness and
12:22 pm
angel is doing fine with only a scratch on the nose. a california battle with a hammerhead shark. i feel like i keep seeing these stories. he was fishing a half mile off the coast of santa barbara when he found himself stalked by a hammerhead. he kept bumping the boat. he managed to keep it cool and made it back to shore without injuring himself or the animal. do we have to send out an alert there are sharks in the waters and you are in a kayak. >> not a fair fight. >> not good. >> an away game. the guy in the kai i can't believe is yak is -- kayak is the visiting team. >> neither one were hurt in that incident. >> that's the story. >> thank you, david, for making us laugh. much more news in the next half hour. the pope francis historic visit to the united states. this is a live look inside st. matthew's cathedral in
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washington, d.c. a look live at
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our top stories this afternoon, remembering a yankees legend. 90. reaction is pouring in from lawmakers to major league baseball players. we will take you live to the minutes. we begin at 12:30 with pope united states. he traveled to the white house, met with president obama before speaking in a ceremony on the south lawn then in the pope mobile on the national mall as crowds greeted him.
12:27 pm
prayers at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle. 300 bishops are in attendance. i'm david novarro. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for shirleen allicot. pope francis is calling on the american people to practice tolerance, to get serious about climate change and help the vulnerable around the world. >> he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd outside the white house. coverage from washington. david and michelle. in washington, we are seeing how much of a following the spoken has inspired with his humility and push for reform. everywhere he goes there are huge crowds waiting to greet him. pope francis greets a joy use crowd with handshakes and hugs as he departs the vatican embassy into the humble fiat for a ride to the white house. horns blair as he arrives in the tiny car with the president
12:28 pm
they welcome the holy father. >> your holiness in your words and deeds you set a profound example. >> reporter: one of the largest crowds ever on the south lawn, 11,000 for the pope's opening remarks to the american people. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i am happy to be a guest in this country which was lastly built by such families. >> reporter: speaking in english, he calls of a society protective of religious freedom and the environment. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to future generations. [ applause ] >> reporter: pope francis and the president head in for a meeting in the oval office before his holiness boards the
12:29 pm
popemobile for a procession on the national mall. thousands more line the parade route to cheer on the popular pontiff. the pope is meeting with u.s. bishops today. later this afternoon, he will deliver his first mass in the u.s. and then tomorrow he will be here on capitol hill to speak to congress. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we have the pope's entire schedule and everything you need to know about getting around when he is here in new york at and follow eyewitness news on facebook and twitter for updates and live coverage throughout this david? now back to the sad news surrounding yogi berra, the new york yankees legend died overnight at the age of 90. this morning the museum posted a three minute contribute video of him on you tube t. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is live in little falls with reaction. such a sad loss. >> reporter: yeah, such a sad loss. i looked at the contribute video.
12:30 pm
we want to show you what is taking place outside of the museum in little falls, new jersey, on the campus. you can see the flowers. i did see one woman come up to the statue and give it a kiss on the face. that's how much people really love yogi berra. he leaves behind a life full of happiness and humility. fans are stopping by to pay respects to yankee icon yogi berra. it was here at montclair state university that yogi's memory has been even shrined. they hold treasures to his amazing career. >> i want to express my sympathy to the family and everyone. he will be missed by all of baseball. >> reporter: yogi was frequently here, often spending time with young children, sharing stories about life, talking to kids that were not born when he made his life as the greatest yankee catcher ever but still they loved him.
12:31 pm
>> he is every man's -- every man with exceptional grace and ability. >> reporter: the tributes are rolling in here and montclair and from everyone he knew and touched. former yankee captain derrick jeter wrote to me he was a dear friend and mentor. he will always be remembered for his success on the field but i believe his finest quality was how he treated everyone with sincerity and kindness. from the steinbrenner family came this, he had a way of reaching and relating to people that was unmatched. that's what made him such a national treasure. and the last time i had an opportunity to see yogi berra was at the 2014 old timers game. he came out into the stadium on a golf cart. he was waving to all the adoring fans. at that time everybody knew he was frail and certainly today all of those fans plus many, many more miss yogi berra. that is the latest live from little falls, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news.
12:32 pm
>> thank you, anthony. he left us with so many happy memories. more reaction is coming in about his death as people remember him. major league baseball tweeted we are deeply saddened by the loss of the yankee legend and american hero yogi berra. the new york giants said yogi berra, new york icon. joe torre released a statement we lost yogi but we will always have what he left for us. the memories of a lifetime filled with greatness, humility and integrity and a whole punch of smiles. he was a loveable friend. stay with eyewitness news as we take a look back at the life and legacy of yogi berra. look for more reaction this afternoon and coverage of tonight's yankee's game as they remember the baseball legend. ceo is sparking outrage for major increase in the price of a lifesaving drug is backing down from his die fee yant response. a change of heart is coming
12:33 pm
from the ceo pictured here on twitter dubbed the most hated man in america. he was blasted for raising the price of the lifesaving drug deraprim by more than 4,000%. the drug for people with compromised immune systems went from $13.50 to $750. >> we heard the public's demands. we have decided to lower the price. >> the stock dropped nearly 5% monday after the price increase. the brand-new price has not been announced yet. the price of fame, the so- called pizza rat who grabbed a slice of internet glory has generated trash talk. you have probably seen this, video of an ambitious rat carrying an enormous slice of pizza. now the state controller is questioning the practices of the mta saying an audit of a
12:34 pm
little effect. who points to this example as why that's not working out. >> i think i'm not alone when i say -- >> gross. >> i'm a little impressed. gross, too. >> we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans with the after school accuweather forecast. >> after school today we have great weather. warm, warmer than normal for the first day of autumn but looking at 80 degrees. low humidity. lots of sunshine. it will be a warm after. great for getting outside and after school sports. now, for the papal visit, for the afternoon tomorrow, we are at 82 degrees. 76. should be wonderful weather as we end the week. back to you guys, michelle and david. >> thanks. you have probably seen the video, two high school football players targeting a referee. now there are reports of a
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he attends a school three miles from his house. when his mother noticed he was two hours late she called the department of education. she was told over and over her son would be home in 20 minutes the bus was. >> i kept saying i don't want a time. i want to know where my child is. i don't want to hear 20, 30 minutes. i want to know where he is. >> he arrived home after 6:00 at night hours after he left school. the only explanation given to his mother is that the bus driver got lost. she said that's not enough. she wants changes so something like this never happens again. police in mexico are reportedly investigating the murders of two family members of former miss usa. a report says the actresses father-in-law and brother-in- law were found dead in vera cruz after being kidnapped. the victims are the father and brother of her husband. the two were missing for more
12:38 pm
actor shawn penn has filed a 10 million defamation lawsuit against lee daniels for comparing penn to an actor accused of domestic abuse. daniels compared penn to terrence howard. he indicated howard has been portrayed as penn's lawsuit says the statements injured penn's credibility and reputation. we have new details on an attack of a high school football referee in texas. an assistant coach is admitting that he told his players to hit a referee because he said the official used racist language. the players were recorded knocking over the ref. the referee denies making racist comments. the students are facing disciplinary hearing today. syracuse is considering
12:39 pm
calls to kiss the stadium kiss cam good-bye. it captures unsuspecting couples on the kiss cam. there are times when men forcibly kissed women clearly saying no. critics say it sends a message at a time when campuses are fighting sexual violence. >> i didn't know that was happening that the guys were kissing girls that didn't want to be kissed. >> you can see them going no, no, no. >> that wouldn't go over well. a mother outraged. she said her son's teacher forced him to write with his
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we take you live to midday prayers occurring at st. matthew the apostle. you can see pope francis
12:42 pm
in the catholic church. not a mass. prayer service. busy day ahead as well. we will give you the latest as we continue to follow the pope's visit to the united states. in other news stories we are following, a lot of people are upset this afternoon after a little pre-k student was forced to write with his write hand. >> the boy's mom claims the teacher called left-handedness unlucky and sinister. now the teacher is under investigation. >> reporter: an oklahoma mom claiming her young son was forced to wright with his right. his teacher reportedly saying lefties are evil. >> show which hand you write with? alicia sand says her 4-year-old son has favored his left hand. after coming home from school recently, he suddenly started using his right. >> we were working with his homework and i noticed he was using the right hand instead of his left.
12:43 pm
handed claims after sending the teacher a note, she responded with a message of her own sending this article home in his folder saying south waws are unlucky and inconspicuous and some cultures associate it with wickedness. she complained to the school but the teacher wasn't disciplined. >> they were supposed to fix it. >> reporter: oklahoma's department of education says it is investigating adding it is deeply disturbed if the allegations are accurate. no young child should be made to feel shame because of the hand he or she favors. the school's superintendent telling abc news overnight we are aware of the situation and take it very seriously. we reached out to the teacher for comment but have not heard back. for now she is keeping him home from school and says he is back to using his left hand and that
12:44 pm
the teacher's isis assistance on using the right was plain wrong. >> it's like we are in the middle ages with a story like that. >> does this teacher know president obama, president clinton, george w. -- i'm changing his name, hb bush, ronald reagan were left-handed. >> she is on a role. >> i'm changing names. the. >> i took offense because my mother was left-handed a concert pianist of a child left- handed. >> my sister is left-handed. >> now they got us all upset. >> i do things with both hands. >> do i seem demonic to you. >> funny you bring that up. >> depends on the weather. let's take a look outside, shall we. the weather is absolutely gorgeous. let's look across the park. there are sunbathers in the park even on the first day of
12:45 pm
autumn. it's warm out there. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. a great afternoon with a temperature climbing up to near 80 and we are looking at 73. a northeast wind out there. that keeps the humidity down, feeling cool and the pressure is up there. strong high pressure over us. north port and, wait for it, massapequa is at 66 degrees. 68 hauppauge. 71 great neck. nice comfortable temperatures here. close to 80 this afternoon. there is no humidity to speak it will feel great. this weekend, there will be this low in the atlantic. it looks like it misses us enough that the precipitation will be away but clouds and wind and waves out of this system in the atlantic. surfers love it. if you are going to the beaches be aware of rip currents, swells. taking the boat out it could be a mess.
12:46 pm
farther inland you won't notice it's going on. sunshine and clear skies to the great lakes back to the northern mississippi valley. afternoon features temperatures that will bump up to 80 between 3:00 and 6:00 and cool off to the 60s tonight. great, 80 today. 82 tomorrow. dry air out of canada filtering down over us for friday, saturday and sunday. clear tonight. 50s in the suburbs. 50s north and west around monticello and the catskills. 62 the five boroughs. tomorrow sunny and warm. coastal areas in the 70s. tomorrow 82 around the five boroughs and inland areas. urban areas of new jersey especially. then we see and feel the sunshine and the cooler air pouring down for friday and saturday. we will have a few more clouds on sunday, around 72. hope you have a great afternoon. the weather is perfect. >> angelic, you are angelic. >> thank you so much. >> we are coming back. first a look at what is coming
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hi, everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, a lot happening with the papal visit in washington. we will continue to look at the preparations being made in our area including what is being done to protect manhattan, especially on our waterways. and the scathing yelp review that is costing a local woman a thousand dollars all because of her words. those stories and more beginning on "eyewitness news first at 4:00." i am going on the record. i am a lefty. >> see, brilliant. >> lefties are great. >> shout out. thank you, diana. proof positive. let's get a check of the feed. these are stories popping up on
12:51 pm
a selfie making a social statement. this has more than 400,000 shares on facebook. greg barns asked an indiana trooper to ticket with him after he was nabbed for speeding. he did it to show not all police interactions are bad. he posted it on facebook with a message we can continue to fight or show one another respect. that is a quote. the officer took the selfie because he thought the interaction could help people given the nationwide tension surrounding policing. >> that is a sweet picture. >> wait, there is more. a from fest sore at a university did something so sweet and supportive. he is holding a toddler during a lecture. the mom's single mom was forced to bring the child to class. when the boy started to wonder, the boy was like oh, no. the professor was unfazed. instead of scolding the mom, scooped up the boy, hugged him
12:52 pm
an act of kindness. she put it on her facebook page. off near the kid a scholarship. >> she paid him $15 for the hour of baby-sitting. >> those are jokes, folks but that wraps up our news right now. i'm david novarro. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. be back for "eyewitness news
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